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Iím going to begin your awakening with some truths you are learning piecemeal now on your boob tube but youíre not getting the WHOLE picture as you should because our mainstream media (MSM) is in on the conspiracy to keep us in that matrix of LIES. The media is NOT the 4th Estate that once spoke FOR the people of this country, as you will soon find out.

Learn the truth of who you really are by reading and viewing everything on this website, at your own pace. You can't read and hear it all in one day for sure. But take your time, investigate it on your own for the truth of what is presented, ask questions if you like, and enjoy the ride. This will be a true whirlwind of much needed information that will bring your existence solidly together for the first time.

Start now and have fun!!!!

Want to know the real Truth about extraterrestrials?







 If you don't believe this, you won't believe anything!
You must wake up if you wish to evolve!

Listen to some of the mediums who have been
contacted by our ancestors!

Listen to David Wilcox





Dr. Steven Greer




We are the "news the media refuse" to tell you.
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